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About Belize Journal of Medicine

Belize Journal of Medicine (BJM) is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish articles on research and experience in all topics of medicine, dentistry and public health. It is committed to presenting the best work, overlooked on many occasions, carried out in clinics and hospitals.

BJM has biannual frequency, it is bilingual (English and Spanish), and presents varied content. This allows authors to adjust their work to different formats in the sections of:  Current reports, Reviews, Original papers, Short communications, Case reports, Flashbacks (recounts of medical history in Belize), Medical News, Letters to the editors, among others.

The printed version of BELIZE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE is distributed without cost to medical personnel, hospitals, clinics, libraries and is deposited in the Belize Archives and Records Service and the National Heritage Library, promoting and ensuring communication and exchange between health professionals.

The objective of BJM is to expand to medical doctors and health and educational institutions in Central America and the Caribbean to become a regional bilingual publication. BJM is furthermore committed to be available online for added dissemination and visibility. Its readership includes all medical personnel.

BJM, as it is an Open Access journal, is freely available online also. The information may be used responsibly and with proper attribution.

Latest articles

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ISSN 2412-9305 (online)

ISSN 2225-8116 (paper)


BMDA The Belize Medical   and Dental Association was formed in 1964 (the year in which Belize attained Internal Self-Government), but only attained legal footing in 1981 (the year of Belize’s Independence).

BC Editions is                      

a publishing house, created   for the publication of the Belize Journal of Medicine and   other medical literature. 


Carlos Peraza MSc.



Dr. John Waight, Belize

Dr. Pedro Arriaga, Belize

Dr. Jorge L. Hidalgo, Belize

Dr. Edna Méndez Peraza, Belize

Dr. Ninfa Ken, Belize

Dr. José Moguel, Belize

Dr. Carlos Castañeda, Cuba-Ecuador

Dr. Rosa J. Chiroy Muñoz, Guatemala

Dr. Erwin González Maza, Guatemala

Luis Peraza, Pharmacist, Belize



Dr. Nidia Larrinaga

Dr. José Enrique Samos

Dr. Uldine Wright

Dr. Julio M. Díaz

Dr. Ingrid Sansorez

Dr. Rafael Samos

Dr. Jonelle Kuylen

Dr. José Salinas



Mauro Castelló

Manuel G. Daza


Belize National Library Service

and Information System

Comisión de Educación Médica Continua

Guatemala, C.A.

Colegio de Médicos

y Cirujanos de Guatemala

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